The average lifespan of software in general today is about 3 to 5 years. However most of the applications we have built have been around for much longer than that, in some cases up to 20+ years! Technology evolves and adapts at a lightening pace so we do recommend you make changes over time to keep your project up to date with the newer technology features.

We would be happy to provide a written estimate for you to custom build your new application. All you need to do is send us an email with as much details as you can. If you have screenshots, or you want to build an application similar to an existing application, be sure to include that information as well.

At Visual Interface, we can custom build any type of project to meet our client's needs. Our specialty is web portals, powered by SQL Server backend. We build each portal with the latest and greatest techniques to make your portal as efficient and as easy to use for your end users as possible.

Yes. For projects larger than $4,000.00, we offer interest free financing. This will vary on a project by project basis so be sure to ask us for the details when you reach out to us.