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Screenshot of ODIS Explorer - Our document management solution

In the digital age, documents are an invaluable part of business.  One malicious hacker, virus or natural disaster can cause your business to lose everything!

Computers give us the ability to safeguard documents by storing them on disk.  Over time, it became evident that a backup solution was necessary.  Today, companies rely on tape backup systems to prevent widespread loss of information.

Experience teaches us that tapes can be lost, damaged, or stolen.  The technical resources required to manage a tape backup system are costly.  Furthermore, they are also time-consuming when saving and restoring data.

The Security Exchange Commission is taking steps to require companies to digitally track every single document, email, and online chat (see article).

If a disaster strikes your company, how much time and effort would it cost to gain access to critical documents?  The inability to recover those documents could be financially devastating and potentially send the company spiraling into bankruptcy!

ODIS is the solution to protect from these disasters by providing an offsite backup of your critical documents.  In addition, ODIS makes it simple for any company user to restore lost or damaged files without the additional cost of technical resources.  Click here to see more information on what ODIS can do for your company.

Don't get caught in another Katrina or Rita!  Disaster can strike at any moment.  Is your company prepared?  Please call 281.235.5018 today for a free preparedness assessment.

If you are interested in learning more about ODIS or any of our other services, please visit our website at, contact me directly at 281.235.5018 or click here to send me an email. I would be happy to personally come by your office and show you a live demo of ODIS.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Randall Medcalf
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